Mary S. Burns, Ph.D.
Proper Technique for all! 

Pilates for Dancers Summer 2018 Special!

Inspired by mentors such as Lynn Simonson and Karen Clippinger, 
Mary’s lifelong goal is to decrease the rate of injury in dancers by increasing anatomical awareness in proper movement initiation.  

This specialized class for dancers and dance teachers uses the kinesiological principles developed by Karen Clippinger and Rael Isacowitz, with concepts from Simonson technique, to enhance technique and reduce injury risk. It builds on the dancer's high level of physical proficiency, keen attention to alignment and focus on technique.  
This class will offer Pilates exercises for specific muscle areas noted for weakness which lead to continual, recurring injuries in the dancer; including
exercises focused upon postural alignment in the studio, balanced body strength, and flexibility.  
In a fully equipped Pilates Studio!

Group classes weekly -- see Home page for Pay pal options!

PRNY @300 West 38th Street, 3rd flr NYC @8th Avenue 

Privates available upon request